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Our Services

Precast Detailing

As modern construction techniques continue to advance, the demand for precast panel detailing services is on the rise. Precast panels are widely used in construction worldwide, making accurate precast detailing essential in order to avoid mistakes. The benefits of precast panel detailing are numerous, including greater efficiency at the construction site and a higher quality of construction materials.

To stay current with the latest industry trends, CADWORKPRO uses the most up-to-date technologies available. Drawing on extensive experience, CADWORKPRO has become an expert in precast detailing and offers this service at competitive prices. Our approach to precasting is both practical and detail-oriented, which has earned us the trust and reliability of our clients.

3D Laser Scan

Scan to BIM (Building Information Modeling) is software used when renovating or revitalizing an existing building. This technology uses a procedure where an existing structure is scanned with 3D lasers to record the as-built environment. The recorded data gets transferred to the BIM software, where it goes under examination for improvements and adjustments to fulfill various requirements. The new design can then be constructed based on the assessments through this software. Many elements in a building can be re-designed through scanning to BIM software, including walls, columns, ducts, pipes, and many more. CADWORKPRO Limited utilizes Scan to BIM software for remodeling as-built structures to instill innovation and efficiency in their designs. In addition, our company also uses FARO scanning technology to obtain more precise and detailed data while scanning. It makes us a leading service provider in this particular domain.

 Steel Detailing

CADWORKPRO LTD offers high-quality shop drawings and general arrangement drawings to
assist site managers in erecting steel structures precisely and without rework. Our 3D modeling
the program generates reports to help with manufacturing completion. We create:

  • Assembly List

  • Assembly part List

  • Bolt/Anchor List

  • Material/Plate Lists

  • Assembly Paint Schedule

BIM Modeling

Building Information Modeling software is a combination of tools that constructors can use throughout the completion of a building. It aids in multiple domains of the whole process of construction, including communication, reporting, and financing. It helps produce a visual simulation that engineers, architects, and constructors utilize to plan, design, and execute operations efficiently.

CADWORKPRO hosts a professional team of experts that specializes in BIM modeling services. We can create plans for you that are highly cost-efficient and time-saving. It will reduce the probability of error in design and diminish any chances of hindrance during construction.

Rendering and Walkthrough

Satisfying our clients is our primary objective. To that end, we provide rendering and walkthrough services to our clients. It is a virtual 3D guide about the structure from both the inside and the outside. It helps them visualize a near-to-real picture of the final view of the building to gain a complete understanding of the project. It can help deduce additional project details, like its duration and cost, creating a comprehensive 5D image of the design. It
ultimately helps decision-making from the planning point of view.

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